Thursday, May 11, 2017

Overarm Vs. Underarm Spear and Shield

detail - VIIIc BC Krater MET
I am reading the new book by the Salimbeti & D'Amato team  - Early Iron Age Greek Warrior 1100-700 BC.
The study contains the set of 8 plates by Italian maestro Giuseppe Rava, most likely painted under a careful guidance of the writers.

Chiggi vase
the 7th (g) plate contains a scene of a Spartan warrior fighting an Argive (from Argos) warrior with another warrior fallen (p. 57). It is a scene of short spear/ heavy javelin play.

Achilles death
 I have got interested in seeing an actual demonstration of the ancient spear fighting techniques ( overarm vs. underarm Spear and Shield ) while in armor and on foot, so I searched and watched several videos, and here I have them presented, these are by two practitioners of the European martial arts:
Schola gladiatoria [link]
Thegn Thrand 1  [link]
Thegn Thrand 2 [link]
The Athenian military during the classical age - post-Solon reforms - short intro from MET.  Beautiful hippeis cavalry horses in stable scene from the VI c BC.

 Hoplite fighting gallery from Wikicommons
Thegn's video on ancient Bronze age hand to hand combat arms - curved Caananite khopesh and the Ewart Park ( Leaf shaped sword ), and the Naue II ( Straight style sword ).

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