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Martorell's dextrarius opertus

again back to the Middle Ages, the most splendid XV century..
 this painter was active in the Kingdom of Aragon, more exactly in the County of Barcelona, under the name  Martorell.
He painted his 'Saint George Killing the Dragon' circa AD 1427-30.
Knightly saint sits high on the horse's back, his saddle moved forward, but most likely its design (invisible here wooden bars) allows for such arrangement without injuring the horse's withers and shoulders. After all these dextrarius stallions were awfully expensive and costly. The stallion appears to have been shod

I would like to bring your attention to some details of this moving and beautiful masterpiece of the Medieval art. The horse - spirited and powerful dextrarius opertus is snowy white gray stallion, trained for war and joust.

the saddle skirt of impeccable white-dyed leather, with pommel and cantle black. The pommel is extended downwards to protect the thighs and knee.

gilded stirrups and rowel spurs, stirrup leather also white, note the textile (flax or hemp) cinch.

amazingly elaborate bit - a double-reins gilded curb bit, with gilded chain connecting the shanks with lower rein (to prevent enemy from slashing the reins). also very elaborate adornment of the tack plainly visible to be admired

beautiful bridle, the forelock tied in the most ancient tradition

the high, rounded pommel - we see the way Aragonese knights might have adorned their saddles with studs

the rounded cantle to give support for the hips etc during the lance attack - we see here that the knight rode high in the saddle, almost standing, good position for lance play etc

 this piece of journalistic fraud and excrement comes from the Spanish leftist the New York Times-like daily el Pais -  ergo, in January 2017 (70 years too late perhaps) Polish historians (IPN) finally released the list of the German employer's guards at the Auschwitz Concentration Camps Complex and since the guards are almost all German (they did not publish the Ukrainian guards list), gee! surprise!, then this Spanish writer (and his publishers and editors) complains that Poland is trying to rewrite[sic!] her history.
I mean, the cheek on this 'motherflower' and his editors and publishers... brushing away the KL Auschiwitz SS guard list and rapidly moving to the German occupied Poland's complicity (alleged and ascribed to some of the Polish citizens from within the pre-1939 borders) in the Holocaust, mostly by quoting the two most revisionist and fraudulent 'expat 'historians' Grabowski and Gross.
The Polish complicity with the Hitler's Germany was the Stalin invention, and after the war it was the West Germany Intelligence and Propaganda Services that adopted and expanded  these Stalinist concepts, adding the false idea of the "Polish concentration camps.'
 The American media and politicians have used this injurious and completely false term, including ex-president Barrack Hussein Obama. Shame on him and all of them.
major German camps in occupied Europe
 Least we forget the Medieval states (Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon) of modern Spain sponsored their own 'Holocausts' back in a day - but mostly by forced conversions eg the 'massacres' in Kigdom of Castile of 1391 in this scholarly article. Aragon 1391 events by the same author Norman Roth,  also the Expulsion of 1492 and so on.

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