Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gaited, ambling & pacing horses

I just received a book by Lee Ziegler titled Easy-Gaited Horses. It is not a new edition, but the 2005 one. I have not read it yet,  but I am looking for any pertinent info on different experiences with horse training as I may do some horse groundwork later on in May. Naturally, I am watching my videos with Parelli and other natural horsemanship trainers that I can get from libraries etc.
Having said that, I admit freely I am very  interested in the easy-gaited horses. I have ridden some pacing horses like the Peruvian Paso, Standardbred, Paso Fino etc.
Loved the experience ...
So today I decided to add some information form M. Horace Hayes' treatise Points of Horse: on the ambling horses from the 1893 edition
Here finally a little note Captain Hayes made about the Peruvian Paso, but I would like to point that obviously he did not know much about the Spanish Caribbean horses, nor about the ambling horses of Mexico (this is before the nightmare of the Mexican Revolution) and Central America, nor Colombia and Venezuela, where pacing horsese were in vougue, still cherished, used and bred.


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