Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ancient Hatra liberatred!

the end of April - and some good news - the special forces of Hashed Shaabi (mostly a Shia political conglomerate  in  Iraq, but also including Iraqi Christians etc) liberated the ancient city of Hatra - reports from the battleground Polish reporter Witold Repetowicz, probably the first Western reporter/journalist  to report from the actual site after the liberation from the hands of the barbarians.  You can see a small gallery in the link above.
In spite the reports claiming the destruction of the site Witold reports that Hatra has not been demolished - and the ancient marvel was taken by the Shia fighters without any shot being fired, thus saving the already damaged city.
Jan has a very interesting article about the Hatrean imagery, Parthians and Kushans..

Project Mosul - reconstructing the damaged art
The articles - eg the tombs of Hatra. but there are many on the academia platform.
Exploring Hatra in.. 1840s
Pictorial Graffiti from Hatra by Roberta Venco Ricciardi

enjoy as I am rejoicing this victory!
Thank you Wiktor for reporting

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