Saturday, January 7, 2017

Claude Deruet

2017 - hee ha!
let us start with this particular colorful horse (stallion) and his rider from the past - French painter Claude Deruet painted this noble cavalier astride his fine powerful parade horse. (image from WikiGallery).  Note the collection of the horse and ease of the rider, showing a fine ecuyer.
As in all Baroque horse, this one is not very tall, but has a powerful conformation, with long tail adorned with tassels etc. The mane is brushed and swept on the left side, with some of it visible between the forelegs.
He is ridden with a curb-bit, long stirrups and fine, exquisite Baroque saddle.
we can see the horse shoes clearly.
more paintings by Deruet

also a very spirited couple (horse and rider) in this print after one of the Deruet's paintings. It shows a famous Lorraine heroine of the 30 Years War - Dame de Saint-Baslemont.


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