Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Skokloster Castle - XVII century collections

last day of January - time flies, it will be spring soon :)
The Skokloster Castle, Sweden, was built by Carl Gustaf Wrangel, who was a skilled cavalry commander and later a politician, a governor of Swedish Pomerania, today divided between Poland and Federal Republic of German.

The collections at the castle are very fine and diverse, but they are very interesting when comes to horses, cavalry and Polish arms and armor captured by the Swedes during the wars with Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - so called Polonica.
The horse collection special exhibit is here (in large tiff files )- with great baroque saddles and horse tack, and portraits of ladies riding, and a model stable etc.

But there are also some Polish ones - saddles and bridles

also some examples of the winged hussar armor; some of the winged hussar armor suits seem to have been converted later on, or so the appear, with 1670s additions etc

beautiful anima armor


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