Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bruno Mugnai's Hungarian Hussar late XVI century

I first mentioned messer Bruno Mugnai, Italian artist and historian,  in connection to his book, vol.1, on the Long Turkish War (der Der lange Türkenkrieg - )1593-1606. Then I did this little review - :)
so, I have learned that the Italian  company Soldiershop  Publishing is about to release the second volume on this conflict, again co-authored between Bruno and Chris Flaherty.
Maestro Bruno sent me a painting showing a late XVI century Hungarian hussar based on various engravings from the period, including Lucas Mayer et al.

It is certainly a very interesting and creative reconstruction of one of these lancers - Bruno, a Florentine artist being a traditional and digital medial artist, apart from Photoshop also uses GIMP and other digital programs to finalize  his art, I am happy to report - :)

More images here - Bruno's website
or here, below - the versatile, historical military art of Bruno


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