Tuesday, November 18, 2014

US Cavalry training films

today a little video post, for to my surprise, I found out that  WWW premier digital library aka Archive.org has several wonderful films from 1920s -1940s showing real cavalry skills and training:

First, Centaurs - cavalrymen and their horses from 1920 -  perhaps the French?

US cavalry -  unfordable stream crossing training

US cavalry -  platoon mounted to dismounted action -
US government official film  - History of cavalry 
US cavalry  drill manual from 1909 - a book

On google's youtube there are many other important films from the bygone era of horse soldiers:

Military riding - US cavalry instructions -  8 short films
a bit different one - dangerous ride in this British cavalry - snow-covered stipple chase route - film.

Finally, I have been readind on the Boer War and horses there and found this
archival material - short film - which is very interesting, in may opinion, for it shows British forces during the 2nd Boer War. 

On a lighter note - perhaps a fine horse war movie to watch is the Aussie film - The Lighthorsemen - so perhaps your local library has one :)

On youtube there is a Polish (1937) film ( some real Polish cavalrymen in this feature film while the dialogues  written by famous Polish historical novelist Wacław Gąsiorowski, more on wikipedia) about a cavalryman during the Duchy of Warsaw period and the war of 1809Ułan Księcia Józefa.

Another old Polish film - a comedy - about Polish pre-1939 cavalry in this 1934 feature film titled 'Śluby ułańskie'.

 these old Polish films are also interesting - Przeor Kordecki - defence of the Częstochowa Monastery in this feature film (1934) .
Hero of two countries - Poland and USA (or four or five, for also in Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine) - general Tadeusz Kościuszko's 1794 insurrection in this feature film (1938) titled  'Kościuszko pod Racławicami' (Kosciuszko at Raclawice)

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