Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11 - sketches & Krita

November 11 is a big day for all Poles around the world, as we celebrate our modern Independence Day, the anniversary going back to the end of World War I (that wrecked havoc, mayhem and rapine on our Polish soil betweeb 1914-18) and 3 years of war that modern republic of Poland faced all around her borders between 1918-21 - so happy Independence Day, my dear Poland - :)
                                  Vivat Respublica Poloniae


Happy Veterans Day - in the US - all the best to all veterans of foreign wars.
...a fine example of a veteran, an equine one - sgt. Reckless, a 14 hands mare that 'fought' along the US troops (Marine Corps) during the Korean War - more here


       I updated my Linux Ubuntu to 14.10 version and with that finally I will get to play with Krita, (2.8 version) after reading and watching all these presentations on David Revoy's page and Ramon Miranda's site .

So I started converting one of my unfinished sketches using Kirta and also playing with another sketch (but with MyPaint only).


I received a copy of Bruno Mugnai & Chris Flaherty's Osprey like book Der Lange Turkenkrieg (1593-1606)La Lunga Guerra Turca- The Long Turkish War, vol I, published by the Soldiershop Publishing from Italy. I want to thank signor Bruno Mugnai for a complementary copy of their book - molto gracie!

I have delayed my review  of this splendid little volume and shortly should blog about it in some detail.


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