Saturday, November 22, 2014

La Brida y la gineta - article from

Interesting articles on by messer Giovanni Battista Tomassini:

“Maneggi and jumps”. The basic exercises of Renaissance horsemanship - (...)

The breeds of the Kingdom. An unpublished manuscript by Federico Grisone - (...)

A la brida” and “a la gineta.” Different riding techniques in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance - (...)

I always love to watch other artists doing their work and this a treat,  if you like bande dessinee and in addition this particular series tittled 'Djinn' by Ana Miralles ..  there are no horses there but some great art and interesting story ...

Above, Juliusz Kossak's drawing of a hussar horseman of the Jagiellonian period of the middle XVI century.

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