Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some sketches

last May I showed this sketch, and lately I rediscovered it and added some detail, more will come.

Also, while looking at the iconography of the period saddles, XVI-XVII centuries, I 'painted,' all  in MyPaint,  this Polish winged hussar saddle, on dispaly at the Royal Armoury Museum in Stockholm.

Also, done some sketches of horses (all waiting for a human figure, be it a rider or a companion in a appropriate period costume and tack), and will do many more, I hope, during the incoming year - 2014 will be busy on many fronts :)

and some 'doodles'



Sam Wise said...

I like a lot the first horse !
(the pintos horses are my preferred ones !)
I follow your beautiful blog since a long time, don't comment a lot but I see your work with a great interest and pleasure !

... and it's time to wish you an Happy New Year, full of horses and happiness.

Pryzmek said...

Na bosaka w strzemionach?
Pozdrowienia PS

Dario T. W. said...

Hello Sam, thanks a lot for your kind comments! Happy New Year to you too, full of health, family, joy, and figurines to paint :)

Pryzmek - na bosaka, a jakże :) po wenezuelsku coś jakby, ale to głownie fantazy Pozdrawiam i Dosiego Roku