Monday, December 23, 2013

Sketches in pen

 preparations for the feasting of Christmas are in full swing.  For example we have finished baking a pork roast, out of organic pork loin.
There were 4 separate chunks of a pound each, so I had to put them 'together' so to speak with a twine, but first for 24 hours we soaked them in  brine out of olive oil, honey, apple vinegar, garlic, salt and some herbs like sage and basil. Then it was  baked for 1 hour 40 minutes and voila - thanks to my friend Valdi, the master sausage maker, for all the advice.
My wife also finished making the Old Poland ginger bread cake aka piernik staropolski. Instead of regular flour she used almond meal, buckwheat flour and ground flax seed.

The sketches, first two drawn in a regular BIC ballpen, the last one with a Pentel Tradio pen - all 'cartoon-ised' with GIMP


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