Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Antoine de Pluvinel - images from the treatise part 1

so as you can see I just 'corralled' a good number of  better quality images from the Antoine de Pluvinel's treatise on horsemanship, in png format - I wrote about the copy available at gallica.fr on my blog   in May - images by the Dutch artist Crispin de Passe. 
The selected images  are showing work at the pillars, horse attached with a 'rope cavesson'(from gallica copy of the book)

A beautiful Baroque horse from the same book - Spanish blood evident

Nota bene these prints are very valuable source of information on the period, including the costumes, side arms, and appearance of the noble riders and their servants, as well as of buildings in and around XVII century  Paris, including the Louvre castle.

 - :) enjoy!

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