Sunday, October 21, 2012

Husarii Gniew - short firm

Polish reenactors from the castle of Gniew known as Chorągiew Husarska and Żołty Regiment Piechoty made their own film, directed by Michal Drzewiecki,  showing winged hussars charge infantry - titled Husarii Gniew (Husaria's Wrath).
This short film, IMHO, is the best depiction of winged hussars ever made on film, notwithstanding the fine appearance of the infantrymen.
Enjoy :)
Husarii Gniew -film -

For Polish readers - the article in,opinie?zobacz%2Frekonstruktorzy-historyczni-maja-dosc there is an article explaining the reasons behind this film production.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Gniew reeanctors and ride  with them at the Klushino battle reenactment in Warsaw in 2010.


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