Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Indo-Saka 'fantasia'

 continuing with the spirit of Nowruz, I sketched couple more Indo-Saka  archers, and here you can find a sketch that has been manipulated, colors changed etc.
My intention was to show an Indo-Saka horse archer  dressed in silk or cotton garments, that are rather see-through. The sketch is not finished as I must work on it more, eg. add a bridle with reins, and plenty of jewelry to this man's costume. The idea for the bow comes from  two famous and knowledgeable bowyers, Adam Karpowicz and Stephen Selby, work on the Scythian bows from Western China corresponding to the Saka/Scythian (and Tocharian) tribes of the eastern Eurasian steppe, Bactria and Gandhara - the article to be had :) Scythian bow atarn 2010

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