Friday, May 21, 2010

Some English sources to the 'Time of Troubles' in Muscovite Russia

    I just came across the internet archive book (from University of Toronto collection) titled 'False Dimitri" that contains many interesting documents related to the English mercenaries' accounts of their experiences during the 'Times of Troubles' - (Wielka Smuta,  Смутное время ), including several English accounts of the battle of Klushino  Battle of Klushino - eg original letters from tzars,  Henry Brereton account originally published  circa 1614, story of tzar Dimitri, his murder etc.
Sonia E. Howe's book can be obtained here  Sonia Howe false dmitri   and it is free :).
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My friend Patryk 'Varaz' (wild boar of the Sassanians) Skupniewicz, already o scholar of the Sassanian arms and amour, will be starting his PhD program in UK coming Autumn 2010 - so we should expect some great work on the knightly riders of ancient Iran in the not so distant future - good luck Varaz !

Another of my friend, Radoslaw Sikora, a noted specialist on the history, organization, battles and tactics of the Polish winged hussars, has just received his PhD in history - congrats!

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