Friday, May 28, 2010

historic saddles reproduced

Memorial Weekend upon us in the USA, and time to take a dip in the ocean before that horrible BP Oil Spill in Mexican Gulf comes our way around the Florida Peninsula and up the Jersey shore  - :( .

I was surfing the net and came upon a Polish artist-saddle maker who reproduces historic saddles from XVII century onwards. They do look fantastic, although no winged hussar saddle yet but I am sure that can be customized (judging from kind of work the artist is doing.
I have been waiting for this kind of artisan saddlery work for long time.
The name of the saddle maker is Stanislaw Paszkiel and he lives along with his family and horses in  Gostków,  25-120 Bliżyn,  Swietokrzyskie Województwo( province)  in Poland.
This is the website showing photos and film of these various saddles, they do look very functional and 'pretty' -  saddles jazda-w-zabytkowym-siodle   .  Hopefully I can get more information on the Polish XVII century saddle replica, and some photos form this saddle maker.

And on ebay I found what it appears to be a historic original Ottoman Turkish saddle from XIX century - with plenty of great photos showing leather work, construction and degree of preservation of this very interesting equestrian object   OLD-ANTIQUE-OTTOMAN-TURKISH-HORSE-SADDLE .
This is an example of an old Ottoman Turkish saddle below with a description Antique 19th century Turkish Ottoman horseman saddle and stirrups .The saddle with wooden frame covered with leather and incorporating a pair of leather flaps on each side, the front and rear mounted in white metal frame and applied with plaques .retaining its original straps and stirrups. Condition: the saddle has sign of usage; the leather is dried up and with wear and same old repairs. Reference: A similar Ottoman saddles to this one are published in the Russian book "TURKISH ARMS” by E.G.Astvatsaturjan. Dimensions: length: 44cm (17 1/4 in), width: 32cm (12 5/8 in), height: 34,5cm (13 1/2 in).

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