Sunday, May 16, 2010

another Gallic horseman

I just 'cartoonized' another of my Gallic horsemen. Time frame is around  the Wars of the Second Triumvirate  ( 43 BC – 33 BC ), with the great battle of Philippi  as the largest land battle of the Second Triumvirate (eg the life of one of the principal actors -Brutus by Plutarch here Plutarch Brutus   ).  HBO series 'Rome' season 2 did attempt to show the battle, but it was not the greatest reconstruction I daresay.

Polish readers can find a nice book on the battle of Philippi authored by Maciej Milczanowski titled 'Filippi 23 X 42 p.n.e.'  published bye Wydawnictwo Inforteditions from Zabrze  in 2006.

English readers can read Osprey's book by Si Sheppard amply  titled 'Philippi - 42 BC' osprey Philippi-42-BC 
 Reviewed on by R. Forczyk  - the entire review here: Forczyk Philippi

The great podcast (actaully just one great history of Rome in lectures) on the subject is here:  historyofrome the-second-triumvirate

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