Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Turkish Embassy in Vienna AD 1628 - Thanksgiving Eve

Salvete omnes,
Thanksgiving upon us - like this holiday at the end of the dreary month of November . If you are in the States or simply celebrate Amercan Thanksgiving then tonight  your turkeys are baking, roasting or just getting prepared for the feast tomorrow, along with sweet potatoes and some other delicious foodstuffs.
I encountered this interesting print from AD 1628 (Wiki Commons ) .
It supposedly shows the ceremonial entry of the Ottoman Turkish embassy  into the imperial capital of Vienna in October AD 1628.
 Note the Hungarian lance-armed hussar cavalry, some are wearing pointed helmets and the first lancer has a  what seems to my eyes as a chain-of-mail armor. Wild cat pelts are ubiquitous among the Hungarians and the Ottoman riders alike. The imperial musicians on horseback include various trumpeters and a tympanist (kettle-drummer), while the Turkish embassy music ensemble appears to consist of a drummer and several trumpeters, all on horseback . Spare parade horses are led in hand by the mounted (Hungarians & Austrians) or walking (Ottoman) attendants.  The ambassador is proceeded by two peyk bodyguards with two large double-bladed battleaxes.
so first comes the Hungarian escort from Komarom with the officers of the city company bhind them shown in bulk in the next row
 then the City officials

the company of men of the city of Vienna city burgermeisters plus the officer and musicians of the next company

the body of the 'cammerers' company followed by the Turkish embassy riders and parade horses

Turkish lance- and bow-armed riders led by the fine rider, followed by the Imperial trumpeters, the ambassador with the Austrian officials and commander from Komarom and the remainder of  the embassy staff, followed by Turkish pack mules and Turkish wagon
Ottoman Turkish Sultan or Emperor  at the time was Murad IV and the king of the Kingdom of Hungary and the Holy Roman Emperor was Ferdinand II.
unfortunately at this time I do not know who was the artist who drew and printed this print.


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Bo to jest niesamowite ile takich skarbów można znaleźć rozsianych w sieci.