Sunday, November 26, 2017

Horse in the art of Russian painter Alexiei Glukhariov

Salvete omnes,
drinking my first morning coffee I was surfing the net and came across quite many paintings of a contemporary Russian artist and student of the horse  Алексей Глухарёв which I think transcribes as Alexei Glukhariov.
 Here there is  a video where maestro Alexei gives his thoughts on the equine art, horses etc. Another site with more information and gallery of his work. Wikipedia page linked above gives ample listing of his exhibits and publications. I have not found his own page.

What can I say here, his is an amazing art and I just wanted to share with you these images - for the beauty of his brushes,  especially amazing are the Akhal-Tekes - which modern breed Russian Imperial breeders created upon the conquest of the Central Asia Turkmen tribes in 1880-90s.

I do not own any rights to these images and I am corralling them here for the educational and aesthetic purposes. As far as I know all copyrights are owned by the artist himself

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