Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Karl Dujardin - horses et al

Salvete Omnes,
today we are are visiting the art of Karel Dujardin, Dutch artist active during the 1640s-to-1672 in Western and Southern Europe.
Thanks to the MET donations we can see these etchings in great quality and glory. Note the other quadrupeds - sheep and cows.
Dujradin's art shown below belonged to the genre paintings and etchings called bambocciante, and thus these animals are working equids (even the finely outfitted mules, but mostly horses for rent/hire, pack mules and burros) and mostly nags, not some parade animals in full glory. We could say without hesitation that our master Karel was a great 'animalist.'

and some paintings - whole or details - more at his painting gallery on Wikicommons -
ancient European - Greek and Roman - mythology and Bibilical theme
Hippodaimia's wedding
Conversion of Paul

common subjects - working animals, traveling and daily life in the Italian Penninsula
a horse - detail

soldiers - detail

Tivoli - detail

note the size of the servant horse or pony really - traveling on hired horses in Italy

a gray horse - detail

detail from this painting

traveling in Italy, on rented horses?

enjoy this late November day - tomorrow in Poland there will  be yet another anniversary of the November AD 1830 Uprising... 
nice Baroque rendering of Pallas Athena 

Christmas is but 4 weeks away - Natonial Geographic has the presentation showing the history of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

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Dario T. W. said... - a very different horse by master Karel - namely, it is a fine steed for the manage and parade..
Elegant travelers on hired nags