Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Jensky Codex - glory of Bohemian Late Medieval Art

Salvete Omnes,
a quick entry - medieval illuminations, late gothic armor and Jan Hus and Jan Žižka.

so without much ado , from the late medieval Kingdom of Bohemia ( since 1471AD ruled by Jagiellon king Wladyslaw II aka Vladislav Jagellonský) comes the so called Jensky (Jena) Codex painted by a master Janíček Zmilelý z Písku, who worked in Prague from the late 1400s until 1520s AD, and the codex is dated between 1490-1510AD.

 and the battle scene showing the Hussites fighting the German crusaders - see the Hussite wars page on Academia , eg Religion and Violence during the Hussite Wars. Although the painter showed the scenes from the first quarter of the XV century yet he painted the combatants using the last quarter of the XV century arms and armor, including the horse tack too.
We are rewarded here with the perfect lance technique - nota bene the main lancer with the couched lance is using the arret or lance rest.

On Jan Hus and his relationship with Polish Crown and Polish nobles see this article.

On another medieval Bohemian codex - you could read this article.

the whole manuscript can be viewed here

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