Thursday, February 13, 2020

More Little Big Horn videos

Salvete Omnes,

since I have been watching and listening to presentations, documentaries etc on the Little Big Horn battle,and I have more link  to share with you.
- The History and The Guns Used at The Little Big Horn Battle - Wendell Grangaard (author of  Documenting the Weapons used at the Little Bighorn) fascinating presentation.

 -2010/11 The Little Big Horn Reconsidered Custer's Footprint on the Great Plains - from the Bismarck State College -  by Clay Jenkinson & Larry Skogen.

- Battlefields detectives (dailymotion or youtube) - very interesting forensic study of the guns on both side and their influence on the battle's outcome. They found Mitch Boyer among the other discoveries, and did a forensic reconstruction (based on a skull) of trooper Vincent Charlie.

- a VHS Produced in 1990 - a docudrama titled Custer's Last Trooper.

- a 1988 video titled A Good Day to Die (1988): Documentary on the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

and finally , the entire set of video presentations by a Little Big Horn battle aficionado and independent researcher.


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Dario T. W. said...

mostly forgotten Hunkpapa war leader and Strong Heart akicita society member Gall - from the National Archives
the Poplar River US Army camp - -