Saturday, July 13, 2019

Galloway Nag - article by Miriam Bibby

Salvete Omnes,
a short entry on horse history from the British Isles:
I would like to point your attention to this horse history article by   Miriam Bibby, a historian and equestrian and also a friend,  posted this article on her academia site:
From North to South: the Galloway Nag as an Elite Gift in the 16 th Century.
and I would like to post a quote from a historic work of Willima Youatt:
From Youatt (1898)-p103-4

Dr. Anderson thus describes the galloway : — 
'There was once a breed 
of small elegant horses in Scotland, similar to those of Iceland 
and Sweden, and which were known by the name of galloways; 
the best of which sometimes reached the height of fourteen 
hands and a half. One of this description I possessed, it 
having been bought for my use when a boy. 
In point of elegance of shape it was a perfect picture; 
and in disposition was gentle and compliant.
It moved almost with a wish, and never tired. 
I rode this little creature for twenty-five years,
and twice in that time I rode a hundred and fifty miles 
at a stretch, without stopping, except to bait, 
and that not for above an hour at a time. It came 
in at the last stage with as much ease and alacrity as 
it travelled the first, 1 could have undertaken to have
performed on this beast, when it was in its prime, 
sixty miles a day fora twelvemonth running, 
without any extra- ordinary exertion.' 
Icelandic horses with hay


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