Saturday, June 29, 2019

Il soldato a cavallo - images from 1708 AD

Salvete omnes,
a quick entry on this sunny day(well , to be, still early morning):
this early, 1708 AD, Italian treaty on the cavalry of the period - Il soldato a cavallo, ovvero, Trattato militaire del servizio attuale della cavalleria - and some very interesting engravings contained therein. Written by Carlo Alessandro de Rougeterre (castellano della fortezza di Siena  & sergente maggiore dicavalleria comandante dei carabinieri nello Stato di Siena  ), engraved by Vincent Hubert, publishedin from Siena; the book was dedicated to the grand duke of Tuscany - Gian Gastone de'Medici.

front page:

some closeups
a kettledrummer and trumpeter



fodder gathering

 officers' tents

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