Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Butler's military equestrian brushworks

Salvete Omnes,

a very short entry - a phenomenal British military painter  who was a woman, You can decide whether this was and still is the most unusual since painting war had not been a typical feminine subject in art history.

Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Butler or in short Elizabeth Thompson was a very prolific painter and a lady of high social standing, and a published writer.  I find it curious that she became Roman Catholic while studying in Italy in 1869AD.

 Just collected a few close ups of Lady Butler's horses from her painting.




Eventually Lady Butler settled in Ireland, went through the tragedy of the Great War  and then the Irish civil war  and died in Ireland. She  had a long and fruitful live. We can still appreciate her art and her vision of the battlefield, and of course her horses.

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