Saturday, June 9, 2018

Jan Asselijn - horses in war and chase

Salvete Omnes,

today I will bring to your attention a painting by a Dutch Golden Age painter.
Namely, today's subject is a work by a Jan Asselijn or Asselyn, disciple of Esaias van de Velde,  born in Dieppe as Jean Asselin but who upon settling in Netherlands became Jan Asselijn.
 Several horses from various works - large Baroque saddles

splendid saddle on this grey fallen mount

the painting in question - The Cavalry Charge at Sunset

 the painting is housed at the Dutch Rijksmuseum
The main figure in full detail, grey horse has a typical curb-bit in his mouth and the reins are rather relaxed, perhaps indicating that this stallion was fully trained (at least in the eye of the painter), and the rider is not trying to break his jaw with tight reins

this biting horse reminds me of the famous incident with Diego Ventura's horse attacking a bull - 

another rider

detail of the horse and rider from the rear


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