Saturday, May 19, 2018

Giuseppe Rava - painter of the soldier and warrior

Salvete Omnes,
I have been an admirer of maestro Giuseppe Rava art and talent for quite a long time now; I think it started with the Italeri miniature soldier box art back in the 1990s.  Signore Rava, through his prodigious talent with a brush and hard work,  has become one of the most preeminent military illustrators of our XXI century.
 Painter masterfully uses oils, watercolor, inks, gouache and other traditional media.

Today, with Mr. Rava's permission I have a pleasure to share with you some, out of thousands of plates, of maestro Giuseppe's art.
The Egyptian chariots, Alexander, Carthaginians, Romans, Longobards, medieval warriors and heroines, Crusaders, Napoleonic subjects et many others - a feast for the eyes and amazing proficiency with historic subjects and horses in action.

I especially love those in progress examples -
Alexander Nevsky at the battle of lake Peipus

French Cuirassier

Confederate cavalryman

Finally, there is a book, published by Winged Hussar Publishing (WHP) LLC  in the US, aptly titled The Art of Giuseppe Rava - in the US can be had from Amazon.

WHP LLC published another book with Mr Rava art - on the late Roman armies and wars


all images @ Giuseppe Rava

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