Saturday, May 5, 2018

Carriages, wagons and carts from Gdansk AD 1617

Salvete Omnes,
this time we will travel to the Royal City of Gdansk circa AD 1617, when the City Council commissioned a local artist to draw and engrave the city views*, so thanks to that work by  Aegidius Dickmann 

we can observe and study the carriages, wagons and carts, horse tack and methods of driving them during the first half of the XVII century when our Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was at its glorious zenith, and Polish Crown citizens from Gdansk consisted mostly of   the most loyal German burghers and Kaszebe (Kaszub) peasants with very few other inhabitants of the great Polish state.

I took the liberty of 'corralling' these images from Dickmann's work -
in these detailed images we can see a vast array of vehicles used them, from the most sumptuous carriages to the most humble carts. Horses did all the pulling and working, although there are some oxen near the gate in one of the images.










In the future I may talk about the horse tack and vehicle etc shown in this engraving.
*Michal Kadrinazi Paradowski linked fine resolution Dickmann's work from the World Digital Library on his blog and brought it to my attention -  dzieki  Michale - :)

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