Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mr. Baucher - 3rd ed images

Salvete Omnes,
our world spinning around us rather fast, so back to the more tranquil steam age of XIX century and equitation literature - I was looking at the Baucher's various editions and would like to share with you several plates from the French 3rd edition - huge AD 1867 edition from world library along with some period artwork showing the French cavalry of the 2nd Empire
title page - 3rd edition

English translation
 French cavalry uniform - field and parade -  of the period is shown in these plates, cavalrymen performing various exerices described in the book
I especially like the lancers  of the guard (Napoleon III - 2nd Empire) -
officer of lancers by François Hippolyte Lalaisse



kepi or the headgear of the French soldier (cavalry and infantry alike) adopted in the US and Imperial Russian armies

Iam not sure what the first rider is perhaps the Artillerie a Cheval or the Guides & the 2nd rider is  a Chasseurs a cheval 
 François Hippolyte Lalaisse - officer of the chasseurs a cheval


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