Monday, January 29, 2018

Sassanian Military Books 'libre' from University of Siedlce

Salvete Omnes,
this January will be ending shortly
I have some links for you - via prof. Katarzyna Maksymiuk's page on academia.

- Geography of Roman-Iranian wars. Military operations of Rome and Sasanian Iran, Siedlce - 2015

- Crowns, hats, turbans and helmets The headgear in Iranian history volume I: Pre-Islamic Period
Edited by Katarzyna Maksymiuk & Gholamreza Karamian, Siedlce-Teheran 2017
excellent collection of scholarly articles, from the conference that took place at the University in the Fall of 2016

A Synopsis of Sasanian Military Organization and Combat Units, Siedlce-Tehran 2018 - authored by Kaveh Farrokh, Gholamreza Karamian & Katarzyna Maksymiuk,

prof. Jordan Peterson's lecture on personal growth  - I enjoy prof. Peterson's lectures, debates and blog.

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