Friday, January 19, 2018

Les Grandes Chroniques de France II

Salvete Omnes,
back to blogging from a little hiatus  - :)
Medieval manuscript painting, very beautiful as usual,  is back,

three young women appear to be riding side-saddles, their mounts are palfreys that have been bitted with a curb-bit
and we are back in the XIV century Les Grandes Chroniques de France,continuing from my  last post.
This time I am sharing with you more images of tack and riding technique - details of the page illuminations*

the length of the dress skirts on the grey horse-mounted rider seems to indicate that this is a woman, so perhaps she is riding a side saddle

A Royal female personage is riding astride and is carrying a baby, the bushes hide horses front so we don't know if it is a pacing horse

Palfreys and hunting dogs, horses appear not to be shod

the small horse seems to be used as a sumpter or pack horse, but it has been bitted with a curb-bit,so perhaps a rouncey?

clearly a team of carriage animals - royal personage is being carried in a basterna(litter)

the basterna drivers-riders use but a whip or stick while instead of a full bridle they use a rope halter or a version of hackamore


*each image has a title after its manuscript page number

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