Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Edwin Henry Landseer - Arabian horses

Salvete Omnes,
just three good morning images -  oil on canvas paintings by the preeminent British animalist Edwin Henry Landseer - beautiful Arabians, the pride of the Bedouins and noble stables in the XIX century Europe .
Nota bene Polish nobleman and scion of the Polish Borderlands family  Waclaw Rzewuski, Krzywda Coat of Arms,  made his famous and fabled first trip to the Bedouin tribal breeders in  1810s, on behalf of the Russian Tsar Alexander I and other royal patrons,  and brought back finest quality Arabians from the desert upon his return. Eventually he owned almost more than 80 Arabian blood mares, more than any other private breeder in Europe at that time.

Arab mare inside the tent

Stalion Selim


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