Sunday, December 17, 2017

Stanislaw Kaczor-Batowski - taking of prince Radziwill

Salvete Omnes,
Stanislaw Kaczor-Batowski was famous for his fiery horses and images depicting action and violence.
Not too long ago we looked at the album of illustrations painted for Henryk Sienkiewicz's Potop (The Deluge) - from FBC collections.
Pan Batowski painted this image in 1906 and it was published in Tygodnik Ilustrowany (The Weekly Illustrated in 1907).

It depicts a part of the novel where using a false pretense of showing and trying a noble  spirited black horse pan Andrzej Kmicic takes prince Boguslaw Radziwill  into his captivity as they gallop away. You can read the pertinent scene in this 1898 English translation by Jeremiah Curtin:


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