Saturday, December 30, 2017

Anna Zyndwalewicz - a painter

Salvete Omnes,
today we can preview some of the paintings, drawings and sculpture by a very talented and prolific Polish contemporary artist pani Anna Zyndwalewicz. 'Moscipani' Ania comes from the voivodeship of Dolny Slask (Lower Silesia), from a family of artists, and  is a graduate of the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts  and practices her art in that Polish sunniest province. Multi-talented, versatile and very skilled with a pencil, brush, or chisel she is also a horse owner and horsewoman.
Pani Ania graciously agreed to share the equine-themed part of her art on my blog, for which I am most grateful.
You can find her work and contanct on Facebook.
Anna Zyndwalewicz with one of her horses and one of her paintings




all images Copyright @ Anna Zyndwalewicz

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Dario T. W. said...

also Anna is an illustrator - children books etc