Thursday, December 7, 2017

Glories of Old Poland by Sztolcman - eagles and Madonna

Salvete Omnes,
looking at the presented collection I have decided to add more  images
of eagles, the symbol of Polish Crown and people, and of Madonna
the Holiest of Holy or our Queen of Poland - the Black Madonna of Jasna Gora Monastery - on these gorgets

Madonna from Koden with a votive plate on the right  and  next to it a votive plate from 1611, note the lance shaft being used as a shaft for the cross and religious flag, also hussar swords shown as the noblemen's arms

a votive plate - Madonna with Child with an eagle on her bossom

a White Eagle from Wachock

 most likely XVIII c winged hussar armor and XVI century kapalin helmet (for a retainer perhaps)

a sword - karabela

a mace - bulawa -

a piernacz mace

a kufel (beer stein)

powder flask and spoon and its carrying case 

a cartridge box of the Saxon kings period-  most likely it was the Polish soldiers who invented those cartridge boxes in the XVI century - friend of mine from the National Museum in Warsaw is writing his dissertation on this very subejct

a lamp
 Kontusz sashes



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