Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pierre-Jules Mêne - horse sculpture

Salvete omnes,
the wide world around us spins and spins with ugliness and idiocy (the so called federal educational reforms in the US produced more ignorance then ever since the 1960s), perhaps in its usual fashion, so there is some beauty to be found in the bronze works of Frenchman Pierre-Jules Mene.
From time to time I do some equine sculpture (in plastiline and in Aves Apoxie clays ), I find it to be a great exercise for the eye, mind and hands, and moreover definitely increases my knowledge of the horse anatomy, movement and  beauty.

interesting article about the City Beautiful Movement in the late XIX- early XX century America and its impact on Virginia's Charlottsville.


Dario T. W. said...

Dario T. W. said...

I do pity and pray for the innocent killed an wounded and the innocent victims' families in the Barcelona, Cambrils and Alcanar( Spain), the terrorist mayhem that took place on 17th of August, 2017 there; but at the same time we should not forget that the same city of Barcelona held rallies demanding more 'refugees' - in support of migration etc -
the saying goes: you cannot have a cake and eat it too -

Dario T. W. said... 16 killed, more than 100 wounded from 35 nationalities
I do not count in the terrorists killed by the Spanish police (thanks God that they did their duty) - unlike the leftist Guardian