Friday, April 15, 2016

Interesting videos on bosal etc

a short entry today -
 Jeff Sanders, who is tirelessly working to reintroduce the vaquero and californio traditions, has published a video on the bosal, mecate and hackamore types and selections - link here.
The web has more videos on the subject - links below.
I would always favor reading the books by Ed Connell (eg this one) - here is his daughter's site in order to get better acquainted with practice of hackamore lore, training and use.
Myself - I like using hackamore on any given horse, and whenever I can I will work with the horse using this type of bitless bridle.  

Laryy Trocha - Horse Training with a Hackamore (Bosal)
Jeff Mundell - Starting a horse in the Hackamore
Martin Black - The Hackamore
Carson James - Explaining The Hackamore And Bosal


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