Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Louis de Gaya and Nicolas Guerard


I have been reading some books by a British historian Charles John Ffoulkes, and thus I came across a XVII century work by a French soldier[1],  and writer Louis de  Gaya,  titled Traite des Armes, published during the reign of Louis XIV in 1678.

Ffoulkes edited the 1911 publication of the historic treatise, and provided quite interesting introduction and overview of this Louis XIV's era work.
The book has some charming and quite interesting illustrations by a French engraver Nicolas Guerard and thus I am sharing them with you.

Also, I find these depictions of the period militaries interesting, albeit strangely our Polish military is curiously unhorsed and lance-less...
Polish, Hungarian and Turkish troops according to de Gaya 

 French, Spanish, English and of the 'Germanies'

[1] captain of the Louis XIV Champagne Regiment,

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