Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year 2016

New Year 2016 started last Friday and so the new year of blogging has started with the new year. I hope to keep going on - :)
I will start with our Polish Silver Age the XVII century, Jan Sobieski and winged hussars.... from Szczecin, the National Museum collection housed at the Old Town Hall (great place to visit when in Szczecin - free entry on Saturdays).

A surviving relief image of king Jan Sobieski from the non-existent Virgin Mary Church, originally built by duke Barnim I of Pomerania.

Hussar armour - according to the description from the Museum's chart it is a late XVII century artefact.

The helmet is a Pappeheimer zischagge/shishaq.

Also, a hilt of the XVII Swedish sword - rapier - found in or around Szczecin and displayed the same museum -

Happy New Year!
Dosiego Roku!

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