Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Diego Ventura & his horses video tribute

                                           'El hombre hace al caballo y el caballo al caballero.'
I am an admirer of the Iberian equestrian arts, including the art of el rejoneo or 'toreo a caballo' (bullfighting from horseback).

I came across this short but stunning video showing one of the modern masters of this equestrian martial art Diego Ventura and his partners, those being his brave Iberian horses.
The video is official and free to all via youtube.

Wikimedia Commons library  of el rejoneo - what a great display of unity of horse and rider, brave bulls and splendid horsemanship. 

Caution, it is about killing per se and therefore it is graphic, violent and  very real, and perhaps disturbing to many of you, hence make your own decision if you want to watch it.

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Dario T. W. said...

in the age of twitter https://twitter.com/DiegoVentura82