Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Husaria w Walce - new book by Radoslaw Sikora, Ph.D.

Radoslaw Sikora and Erica (Tetraerica Publishing House) recently published a new book on the history, tactics and times of the Winged Hussars, the continuation of the series of the books and articles devoted to the PolishWinged Hussars.
The volume - ''Husaria w walce'' (''Winged Hussars in Combat'') - opens with a very interesting chapter on the opponents of our Polish Winged Hussars known in Polish sources as 'deli junacy' aka Deliler Ottoman Turkish Cavalry of the second half of the XVI century.

 Then we can read  an in-depth study the hussar armour, the next chapter describes the Polish winged hussars fighting against the "reiters"(cuirassiers) , then the following chapter studies the winged hussars' engagements against the musketeers. The subsequent chapter is a study how to break the pikemen when a winged hussar.
Then not a small chapter follows, this is a study about the winged hussars' combats against the Zaporozhian Ukrainian Cossacks.

The final chapter of this volume is devoted to the impact of artillery on the battlefield, and in particular on the winged hussars etc.

There are some period illustrations, mostly showing Turkish Deliler (Melchlior Lorck), Western heavy cavalry and cavalry tactics from the famous work by a Gdansk/Danzig period writer Johann J. von Wallhausen titled 'Kriegkunst zu Pferd.'
The book ends with an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary works cited in this volume.

Summing up this a fine volume and another substantial body of work from the research 'stable' of Pan Radek, Ph.D., 

Enjoy  :)
 I received this book as a gift from the author, for which I am very grateful .
Radoslaw Sikora
Husaria w Walce[Winged Hussars in Combat]
        Language - Polish
Dimensions 160 x 230 mm
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN 978-83-64185-90-8
EAN 9788364185908


Kadrinazi said...

Dario, a jakie starcia są przedstawione jako przykład walki z rajtarią?

Dario T. W. said...

Michale, - sa omowione walki: bitwa pod Poswolem, pod Kutyszczami, pod Lubieszowem, nad Basia, pod Warszawa,starcie w rejonie Obicy,pod Podkamieniem,i pod Gniewem...

Kadrinazi said...