Friday, July 17, 2015

The Great Northern War Compendium

I have already mentioned that I participated in a project on the military history of the Great Northern War.
I was asked to do some illustrations and even wrote one article devoted to the Polish pancerni cavalry of the period - article naturally geared towards the readers who do not have access to the Polish language materials.

The Historical Game Company, LLC will publish the Great Northern War Compendium  during the late summer/early fall 2015, it will be at least 2 volume compendium, full of scholarly articles, maps, illustrations et al. - shortly, a little gem to all who enjoy military history and wargaming - Kadrinazi published a list of authors on his blog, so if you interested do visit his excellent blog - :) .
The publishers maintain a Facebook page, where you can learn about the project and their authors.

I am very eager to see my 'stuff' published in this opus magnum, especially  since my name - ok, I gloating a bit - will be part of such an illustrious company of authors and artists.
Many thanks to Kadrinazi and Steve.

above images copyright the publishers - THGC LLC

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Dario T. W. said...

nota bene,
Dr Schrader wrote a short but excellent article on the collapse of the Kingdom of Jerusalem during the aftermath of Hattin 1187.
excellent reviews of two Crusades period novels on dr Schrader's blog