Monday, July 20, 2015

Grunwald 2015 - some photos

 I received two separate permissions from two photographers who were present this weekend at Grunwald to 'hang' some images from the reenactment on this blog - I am very grateful and much obliged!
Arkadiusz Rutkowski from Fundacja Bielik took these photos -
1.Polish king Wladyslaw Jagiellon, his cousin duke Witold and Zawisza Czarny z Garbowa, then the most famous and respected Polish knight
2. Teutonic Knights, including a female reenactor in the foreground

while Andrzej Kowalski took these great photos-
Polish King and his army

Teutonic Knights and their guests

note, that most reenactors come to this event without horses, and they mostly fight in full XV century armour while on foot, in the scorching heat of Polish July sun. I did not show here photos from the foot combat, showing hundreds and perhaps thousands of reenactors.
More photos at the Grunwald Museum page on Facebook

Nota bene 2 weeks earlier at the Golub-Dobrzyn Castle took place the 39th International Knightly Tournament,  started already in 1970s.
I like that castle a lot, it is in good repair and nicely situated, so even if there is no tournament or other reenactment this medieval and Renaissance monumental structure is worth your visit

Again, many thanks to Andrzej Kowalski and Arkadiusz Rutkowski for allowing me to 'publish' these Grunwald 2015 photos on my blog
Arkadiusz Rutkowski copyright
Andrzej Kowalski copyright
more photos here - Joanna Wolska Photography & studio Darosz


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