Sunday, October 26, 2014

Napoleonic bridle

horsing  around I did some sketches of the Napoleonic cavalry bridles, mostly used by the light and line cavalry.  Plenty good info on the Napoleonic cavalry at this site - napolun
Here you can view prints by Bellange showing various soldiers of the Napoleon’s army.
Excellent prints (77 of them) by Carle Vernet showing le Grand Armee crica 1812 can be viewed and downloaded at wiki commons
My own sketch is a ballpen one, on paper, and it is a part of a dozen sketches studying brildes of the Napoleonic cavalry.
Well, 2015 should be great for the Napoleonic history afficionado, for the very next year there will be the 200 anniversary of Waterloo, and there will be a huge celebration/commemoration of this eventful  battle, I hope to attend for I am certain the reenactment festivities will be the most memorable.

Two days ago a uhlan and the last Hubalczyk, from the famous major DobrzaƄski's ( 'Hubal' ) Polish army unit, that fought the Nazi Germans after October 1939 as guerilla or partisan unit,  rejoined his commander and comrades in the eternal service to his country and God - Pacem aeternam, Romuald Rodziewicz !

Looking at some paintings, I found this Trojan War theme painting  to nicely close this entry, my thoughts with the passing of the last Hubalczyk - one by Antoine Wiertz, a Belgain Romantic painter of prodigial talents and herculanean strenght displayed in this piece


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