Monday, October 6, 2014


Salve friends and fellow travellers,
back to blogging after a hiatus of sorts, in Septemebr I spent some time visiting quite a few late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches and other monuments in Mazowsze(Masovia) and old Ziemia Sieradzko-Łęczycka.
I photographed several funerary monuments, with some nice XVI century knightly armour depicted.

 I did some horse riding and just playing with a horse or two while in Poland, thanks to a fine horse woman Magda and ... my niece Pati.

I did not do much sketching or painting during (getting injured in a mountain biking marathon race did not help either), I admit, for being the parent of a little 5 months old baby and a  13 years old teenager your time is being all eaten up :)
 Per drawings some quick sketches:
after Gorelik-McBride (from 1 watercolour sketch on a light weight paper

 2 a ball pen with some digital color

 3 one with coloured BiC ball pens

 4 sketched with a ball pen and digital colour

.And a concept sketch of a Parthian after the rock carving from Tang-e-Sarvak

well, until the next time, perhaps tomorrow

Polish team of horse archers, Michał Sanczenko et  Anna Sokólska et al, went to
 Korea - good luck to all horse archers taking part in this competition as it is taking place right now!  Here a fantastic horse archer and horse breeder from Iran, Ali Goorchian, in a video  from Malaysia.

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