Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Around Jan III Sobieski part I

Polish Independence Day (11 XI) came and went,  my grandmother used to tell me about her own recollections regarding 1918 and later, so on or about this holiday I usually think about grandma and my great-grandparents, and how they felt when Poland was resurrected after 123  years of non-existence.

       For many reasons I prefer the personages and their lives, times, and events that took place about and around the reign of good king Jan III Sobieski, Janina coat of arms.  Incidentally,  king John and his contemporaries like to portray themselves in their glory, so many images have survived the tide of destruction that swept Poland prior to 1945, many of them at the Villa Nuova palace (now Wilanów Museum).
I posted some time ago many prints related to the glorious warrior-king Jan, now I can share some images showing his family, courtiers and close associated dignitaries, each print has a heading below the picture.
Let's start:





wife, love of his life:


to be continued

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