Wednesday, May 19, 2010

XIII century Poland's Kinghts and their horses II

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perhaps I am rushing this theme a bit but I was perusing 'UZBROJENIE W POLSCE SREDNIOWIECZNEJ 1350-1450' (Arms and armour in Medieval Poland  1350-1450) editor Andrzej Nadolski, and there in an article by Zdzislawa Wawrzonkowska titled  'Rzad konski i oporzadzenie jezdzieckie' (horse tack and rider's equipment) in a footnote no.15 I found some interesting statement. Namely,  the author   (to her other work on the Silesian Piasts I shall return later) wrote that the earliest curb-bit depiction  in the Polish medieval  iconography is atributed to the AD 1247 seal of Piast prince Przemysl I of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland)   Przemysl I of GreaterPoland and that curb bit can only be vaguely classified due to the small and general depiction in said seal.
Well, I found this seal in the Internet  poczet przemysl I and here we go


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