Saturday, September 30, 2017

Kodeks Baltazara Behema - Behem Codex

I would like to point your attention to this Polish codex of AD 1505, when the Krakow (Carcovia, Cracow) City Notary Baltazar Behem made a gift to this royal city council in a form of a handwritten codex he wrote himself on parchment, with 27 miniatures he had commissioned an unknown Master of the Behem Codex (looking a bit similar to the Hieronymus Bosch style) to paint.

Behem's own writing and painted illuminations
I 'corralled' several images associated with horses - blacksmiths, saddle makers, bridle-makers ets, also weapons, and perhaps an early image off a hussar, this being a soldier with a white plume on his high hat looking like a Serbian mercenary or a royal Tatar?

on the right a saddle makers guild with a typical saddle

and a saddle tree
blacksmith and a horse in treatment covered with a very interesting horse blanket

saddled horse, riding costume and the bridle-maker guild artisan

Kolebka or well-to-do traveling wagon of the XVI c., presenting the carriage and wheelwright guilds(dueling here quite viciously with clubs)

on the left an early hussar or a royal Tatar carrying a bow, amidst the bowyer guild artisans and their patrons

among the weapons shown in this shop there are sabers- szable - in their early form

Gothic armor still popular in the Crown of the Polish Kingdom
Burghers as royal city militia

the entire digitalized Behem Codex can be had from the Jagiellonian Library
 A saddler from Poland Marcin Ruda has been recreating medieval and early modern European saddles, but also many historic Western (American) saddles etc.  


Dario T. W. said...
artykul o Boschu i nieznanym mistrzu kodeksu Behema

Dario T. W. said...

Marcin Ruda Saddlery on facebook

margoked kedzior said...

Drogi Panie Dariuszu, dawno nie zaglądałam na Pana blog a tu TYLE znalazłam smakowitych da mnie kąsków- akurat uczyłam o średniowieczu i robiłam z uczniami miniatury a tu ten kodeks Behema- właściwie zapomniany przeze mnie, ilustracje codziennego życia będą dobrym egzemplum badania przeszłości. dodatkowo wciągnęła mnie strona mediewistów przez Pana polecana... no super niedziela przede mną, Dziękuję;-)

Dario T. W. said...

Witam Pania, cala przyjemnosc po mojej stronie -:)