Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Gabor Bethlen - royal horse tack II

Salvete omnes,
continuing with prince Gabor Bethlen and his horse furniture from the Swedish collection,
the elements of the bridle and breastplate, that survived  the passage of time.

we should note that this horse furniture, especially the bridle and breastplate would have been typical for the wealthy winged hussar companions and banner captains (rotameisters)

 On the note why this saddle is located in Sweden, well, this entire amazing horse furniture was a gift that prince Gabor Bethlen presented, by his envoys, to his brother-in-law the king of Sweden  Gustavus Adolphus alias the Lion of the North.  

about Gabor Bethlen's rule in Upper Silesian duchy of Opole and Raciborz you can read this article.
About his diplomacy and diplomats a fine article here.

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Raúl González said...

¡MARAVILLOSO! ¿Donde se encuentran estos adornos para el caballo? ¿En qué museo? ¿Se puede ver o tocar de verdad?